geology compass

The listerCompass allows a field geologist to take advantage of the iPhone's capabilities.

This is a professional compass designed by an expert structural geologist, used in the field to see what is practical and what is not.

You can measure surfaces and lineations at the same time. Orient the compass on the surface with the edge parallel to the lineation. If you only care about surfaces, the only thing to do is to place the compass parallel to the surface (any way you like).

Once it stabilizes, tap the screen. Double tap to record the data. Data is collected, averaged, and presented in standard formats.
If the error is too large, repeat the measurement.

There are many options. Set the compass how you want it to work, and then lock it. This uses a separate screen so settings do not change while it is in your pocket.

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TIPS on how to use the compass

Version 5.0.0 provides full support for KML files - drag file onto Google Earth.

Requires iOS 6 or greater.