Programs available from geologyCompass on iTunes


The listerCompass is for geologists with an iPhone.

Designed by a structural geologist, it has been extensively tested in the field to see what is practical and what is not. The compass records annotated location data, places location pins on a map.

The eArgon program is for processing data obtained using argon geochronology

It also has an extensive capability for inversion modelling, either manually or using using the automated wunderkind routines.

The eQuakes program is for analysing data from seismic catalogues

It allows structural analysis of CMT data and hypocenter locations

The MacArgon program simulates the development of argon age spectra

It has an extensive capability for forward modelling the effect of P-T-t paths on argon diffusion.

The Pplates program is for 4D tectonic reconstruction

It allows 4D tectonic reconstruction using mesh based data.